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Our professionals specialize in new roof installations, replacement, and repairs. Our experts will complete all your roofing needs in a timely manner and at an affordable price.

Our rates for new roof installations, roof replacement, and repairs are the MOST affordable in the area, with the MOST variety!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We only hire the most trusted and qualified crews to provide the best service in the Atlanta area. Our inspectors give FREE roofing estimates and help you choose the best roofing solution for your home.

We are one of the most trusted names in roofing in the Alpharetta area. We are a respected provider that makes sure to give the best outcome for your specific project. Giving a personalized touch is what we specialize in. Making our homes and community stronger by providing the best roofing companies to our customers is our passion at our company. We are the best roofing Alpharetta company out there. Call us for you roofing projects, we’ve got you covered.

Strong storms and wind can create a situation in which an emergency repair is the only solution to expensive problems that could last and linger for years and years. Your roof is the part of your house that can oftentimes go years and years without maintenance, falling into certain neglect and disrepair. We are one of the best companies in the Alpharetta area that specializes in roof repair, roof replacement, roof installations, and roof insurance claims.

These issues and problems that can occur with your formerly solid roof means that you will be placing the utmost seriousness on the type and style of roofing service that we provide. We recommend repairs or installations to our customers based on their needs it means that we will do the arduous legwork and research while your family takes the time to do those things which cannot immediately wait. For all other services, count on us to provide the trusted roofing that you desperately need.

We can help service you with::

Residential Roofing.

New Roof Installation.

We understand that a new roof installation is a big investment. That’s why we want you to trust us with your roof. We guarantee service and that you will be happy with your new roof installation. The most fantastic roof installers in the Alpharetta area love helping our beloved customers and in creating these relationships Armour Contracting will prove that we truly do provide customers with the best in roofing installation. We will give a trusted performance in managing the bulky and huge project of managing to get that new “state of the art” roof on your beautiful home. Our roofing pros make sure that we can give you the best experience on the market, if at all possible.

We only send out the most professional inspectors for re-roofing inspection. It is required that we send out these experts before so we do not leave the roofing installer hanging in the breeze when it comes to information concerning your project. Our company delivers the roofing materials necessary for your install right to your home, in doing this we make sure that we have everything we could need in the realm of roofing installation.

We will take care of removing and destroying any hanging on roofing material or any other miscellaneous wreckage left behind. Our leading installation specialists make sure that all clean up work and remnants of any yesteryear projects. Our trusted, local, and expert specialists warrant employment by a company like we have at Armour Contracting, which let you experience the best in roofing.

The Alpharetta area contains an extremely large selection of roofing companies, but we are the most trusted roofers in Alpharetta. Our customers are highly satisfied, especially when dealing with the perfect new roof installation. We will not waste your time by providing you a second rate roof crew. A new roof will increase the overall value of your home and the strength of this new installation done by our trusted team.

The beauty and the prestige associated with Armour Contracting is that we give the customer a list of options and roofing services that we can recommend to our customers towards the best in whatever roof installation project they so choose. Whenever you think about getting a roof installation, we can help you!

Roof Replacement.

In the event that your roof requires a full replacement, our company will guarantee the best prices, quality work, and your complete satisfaction. Roofs Alpharetta is the team of experts for your replacement jobs. We can even take away the insurance filing headaches.

In the event that your roof requires a full replacement, our professional contractors guarantee the best prices, quality work, and your complete satisfaction.

Consider the age of your roof, if and how many shingles are missing, and whether or not you have leaks and/or holes. If you have two or more of these in more than one area on your roof, it is time for a replacement.

Within the realm of roofing services that Armour Contracting provides, roof replacement is a service for which we will work to fulfill our customers to at the drop of a hat. The experienced team we provide for our discerning customers’ comes to each and every roof replacement job with the same quality and consistency that Armour Contracting has come to rely on.

Every roof replacement job that our wonderful roofing crews take on and complete will be a mark of quality and service for us as we come to expect that sort of business from our highly qualified roof installation team.

Sometimes total roof replacements cannot be done by our roofing pros, those are situations in which you are tearing down the home completely or if you are completely rebuilding the home.

Many customers want to know if our we do total roof replacements only in the good weather months of summers in Alpharetta. This is not true of us, we can provide complete roof installation any time of the year.

Our crews that we send to our clever customers bring with them an experience and knowledge of roof replacement that will save customers money for a long-term period of time. The weather conditions surrounding these jobs for customers’ who desire us to find a roofing company for them are not deal breakers for us. We will meet your needs regardless of the season.

We can provide Alpharetta homeowners with our crew of excellent pros that can bring the large-scale replacement team of roofers that can do the job in teams and shifts, bringing the fastest and most highly competent job that we can possibly refer to our customers. Taking up to a week our roofers will do a medium sized roof replacement job in the blink of an eye. We can bring the roofers out who will replace shingles and bad wood in certain problem areas.

Putting down the asphalt paper and applying new shingles towards the top of your roof, our team then puts down flashing dam protection where leaks may enter the home near fixtures on your roof such as the chimney, vents, etc. Followed by the installation of the roof our crews will stick around to make sure that the job was done up to the satisfaction of our preferred customers at Armour Contracting where we provide the best for the best in roof installs!

Roof Repair.

Armour Contracting is here to help repair your roof and make your home a safer place. We work quickly and efficiently to fix any issue you may have and unlike other contractors, Armour Contracting will not try to replace your roof if it isn’t necessary.

Not every roofing job requires an entirely new roof! You will receive an honest, reliable estimate regarding your roof, and our professionals won’t leave until you are completely satisfied. We understand that you want the most bang for your buck and Armour Contracting is here to help!

Armour Contracting goes out of their way to locate, research, and partner with the best roofing companies in the Alpharetta area, the experience and knowledge possessed by these experts in the field allow our service to free you of worry and fear that you will be dealing with some cut rate third party roofer.

We only fix what needs to be repaired.

Not every roofing job requires an entirely new roof! You will receive an honest, reliable estimate regarding your roof, and our professionals won’t leave until you are completely satisfied. We understand that you want the most bang for your buck and Armour Contracting is here to help!
Armour Contracting goes out of their way to locate, research, and partner with the best roofing companies in the Alpharetta area, the experience and knowledge possessed by these experts in the field allow our service to free you of worry and fear that you will be dealing with some cut rate third party roofer.

Certain situations and indications present homeowners with decisions when it comes to hiring a roofing company, and our company provides the best roofing in the Alpharetta area.

Maybe you have found that the shingles on your roof are in total disrepair, they may have gone through the natural wear and tear of a shingles’ life cycle and now require your attention and concern. The granules and tack have fallen off of these shingles and might let our customers and homeowners know that it is definitely time to search for the best roof repair company in Atlanta.

After any major storm or catastrophe let our company provide you with a top rated and trustworthy roofing repair crew which will stand by our promise to you in acting and performing in a manner befitting Armour Contracting. Just count on us to give you the best service when it comes to any and all of your roofing repair needs.

Certain roofs that customers require service for include generally worn down and damaged roofs with infrastructure issues. These roof problems require the services of one of our fully localized and licensed crews that come right to your residence to provide quality roofing. Problems with circulation and air quality can stem from these roof issues, your air conditioner might be pulling double duty since your damaged roof is containing hot air while the overall temperature rises so does your power bill, nobody wants to deal with higher costs and related money issues.

The same issue, unless repaired by one of our teams, will cause your house to heat improperly in the winter months like they would in the summer. As you can see, unless you were to make the wise decision to go through Armour Contracting, you might be stuck with high energy costs and unimpressive air quality in your beloved home. High winds and rampant sunlight, which we definitely know and prepare for in the Alpharetta area, are two huge contributors to the breakdown and weathering of your roof and its shingles.

Commercial Roofing.

Does your business, school, or industrial facility need repair? Armour Contracting has experience in industrial, commercial, and institutional roofing installation and repairs. We also can tarp roofs in between repairs and installation.

Sometimes a roof is beyond repair and needs complete renovation. Armour Contracting professionals have extensive experience in commercial roofing projects. We understand the need to minimize disruption on projects during business or school hours and will work swiftly and professionally to make your roof repair or installation quick and easy. Choosing the right roofing contractor for you is a very important decision. We care about all of our clients, and work side by side with our customers to make sure their roofing in Alpharetta, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia is completed in a timely and affordable manner.

Commercial Roofing services we provide:

Roof Insurance Claims.

After the repair is complete and everything seems to be in order, our hired roofers will go over your Loss Summary and look at several different options which you can use to go ahead and make the best settlement that the service we connect you with and the insurance adjuster can handle.

The process with which we operate manages to benefit and produce a feeling of good will between our roofers and your insurance provider. Our inspectors, managers and supervisors will be committed to making appointments with in surveying you the customer on the full quality and effectiveness of your roofing experience.

You will be able to communicate directly with our specialists, they can make you fully aware of the process and scheduling of bringing your roofing project totally complete. Completion and customer satisfaction are two important marks of service for Armour Contracting

In doing this we hope to provide the best insurance claims services while we are operating as full scale roofing company.

Gutter Guards.

Armour Contracting provides Alpharetta residential gutter guard installation and Alpharetta commercial gutter guard installation. With the larger number of rain and thunderstorms in Georgia, it is important to understand how gutter guards work, and which you should try to install on your Alpharetta home or business!

If you have been constantly searching roofers Alpharetta, look no further. Call us today for a free quote and you will get paired up with the best roofing company Alpharetta has. We are eager to hear from you and would love helping you with all of your roofing needs!

Armour Contracting is one of Atlanta’s best reviewed, most cost effective, and most prompt roofing company for your job specific needs. Whether your roof is in need of desperate maintenance, shingling, total roof repair, or total roof replacement, we can provide you with exceptional service that will make work on your roof go by quickly, so fast if you blink your eyes you might miss our roofers before they are off your roof and done.

Roofing needs can lead to leaks and mold problems in your home. Make sure to stay on top of that leaky roof by using Armour Contracting, and with us you will most assuredly be satisfied.

We take our company with care and style seriously here at Armour Contracting, let us show you why we are reputable roofers today.

Armour Contracting offers some of the best gutter patrol in the Atlanta area. Armour Contracting provides Alpharetta residential gutter guard installation and Alpharetta commercial gutter guard installation. With the larger number of rain and thunderstorms accompanying the hot Atlanta and Alpharetta summer, it is important to understand just how gutter guards work, and which you should install on your Alpharetta home or business!

Delaying roof replacement can have more than just monetary consequences. Safety becomes a concern if you do not have your roof inspected whenever you suspect there may be damage. You may inspect your roof from a safe place, but we do not advise that you climb on your roof. This can be very dangerous. Call us to talk to our roofing professionals that are trained to handle these very situations.

Don’t wait! Call now for your Armour Contracting service needs!


Residential Gutter Guards in Alpharetta.

Armour Contracting residential gutter guards are designed to collect water that builds up on the roof and leads the water away from the house. Our gutter guards are essential! Lack of gutter guards or non-functioning gutter guards will cause damage to your home. The damage caused by lack of Gutter Guards in Alpharetta can vary from flooding to rotting, causing your home foundation to shift. If your residential gutter guard isn’t working, it is likely that the water build up will overflow your gutter, leaving your home susceptible to significant water damage.

Water damage is not the only concern from lack of gutter guards, especially in Atlanta where there are so many mosquitoes. A damaged gutter guard will harbor various insect manifestations, especially mosquito breeding. As your gutter guard erodes, the gutter elements themselves become acidic. This is what allows mosquitoes to breed. To avoid this, it is important to maintain a functional gutter system, and to protect your gutter guard.

Armour Contracting offers top of the line Gutter Guard systems. Armour Contracting has a wide variety of brand new technology that prevents rain clogging in the gutters without lots of manual labor after installation. Armour Contracting only installs the highest quality gutter guards in Alpharetta. Our contractors make it a priority to only use the latest and most proven technology.

Types of Gutter Guards in Alpharetta.

There are six types of gutter guards: the reverse curve, the bottle brush, the mesh, nylon, the non-gutter cover, and the foam gutter guard. The reverse curve is useful in the fall when there are excessive leaves, as water is directed downwards causing leaves to not get stuck in the gutter. The mesh gutter guards are filled with holes and attach to the room. Large holes clog much easier, thus small holes are better for your gutter guard. The small hole gutter guards in the Atlanta area allow water to fall through into the gutter. The bottle brush gutter guards are bristle based and are used to prevent birds to land near your roof.

With recent snow and ice occurrences in Alpharetta, Georgia, the Nylon gutter guard can also be useful. Though mostly useful in the north where winters are severe, they can still be beneficial in the Alpharetta area. The non-cover covers are thin louvers actually, not even really gutters that divert rain from the roof. The foam gutter guard is a plastic based guard that helps prevent dirt and debris from falling from the roof. Depending on what kind of residential or commercial building you live in in the Alpharetta, this guide will lead you to the perfect gutter guard.


All Alpharetta Gutter Guards need occasional cleaning for full functionality. While gutter guards have been proven to lessen the amount of gutter cleanings due to increased debris removal, it is not as if you will never have to clean out your gutters. At Armour Contracting, we make it easy to stay up to date on your gutter maintenance by offering gutter cleaning. Armour Contracting will make sure to offer you different variety of gutter guard options that fit into your budget. We will install it correctly so that the cleaning is low maintenance.

Useful Tips.

Safety is the TOP priority. If you absolutely cannot wait for a professional and want to inspect the roof yourself, don’t go alone. Make sure that someone is at least outside with you in case of an accident. As far as maintenance, keeping your gutters clean is very important for your roof. Water becomes saturated in certain areas where gutters are clogged and rain water cannot escape to the ground.

The longer you wait for a roofing repair or replacement, the more money it might end up costing. It is important to address the problem immediately and consult Armour Contracting for your free estimate!

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