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The foundation of our entire business philosophy at Armour Contracting is Everything Built Better, and that includes your residential or commercial building’s doors. Your front door is a vital part of your home’s curb appeal. As the point of entry, not only is it the first and the last thing your guests see, it’s also a barrier to keep people out. A good quality front door should therefore be attractive, match your home’s aesthetic, and withstand the elements for many years. If you want to make sure your new front door clicks all these boxes, then you should talk to Armour Contracting to learn more about the different types of doors, and to get a free estimate for a new door. Naturally, your front door plays an enormous role in the overall aesthetic of your entryway, and it can make the difference between your guests making a frantic exit or a happy and calm one. So why not let Armour Contracting help you plan out its design?

Exterior Doors.

What Are The Best Exterior Doors?

Because the front door is one of the most important parts of a home’s exterior, investing in a new front door can have a significant impact on the value of your home.

When it comes to front doors, it is important to choose materials wisely. Wood, fiberglass, and steel are all long-lasting, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient building materials that can both increase the value of your house and lower your monthly energy bills. This means you can save on your monthly energy bills as well as save money and time maintaining your door. 

In the event you decide to sell your home, the quality of your front door and the cost savings it provides will undoubtedly appeal to potential buyers. Entry doors aren’t just for show. It goes without saying that your new front door should match the exterior architecture of your home and reflect your personal style, but they should also help maintain comfort, safety and security by providing an extra layer of protection. Your front door must be attractive on the outside while fitting all your security needs.

You can get creative by customizing your new front door to suit your style and home’s overall theme. Your choice of color and materials to add, whether decorative glass or grilles, should also be in harmony with the design of the rest of your entryway.

Wood Front Door


What Is The Best Material?

Front or side entry doors are made from various materials including fiberglass, steel, and wood. Modern front or side entry door systems typically combine two or more of these materials into one. Material selection is important if you want your project to stand out. When designing a door you should look at the various materials available. You can even mix and match materials to give a unique look to your door.

  • Wood remains a classic choice for a high-end look. It provides excellent resistance to dents, and scratches on the exterior can be easily repaired. But wood does have its downsides; it will need to be varnished and painted regularly to maintain its appearance. Not only that, but wooden doors will also need to be inspected yearly for damage.
  • Steel offers the best of both worlds. It’s strong enough for walls, ceilings and floors yet also affordable enough to not break the bank. Premium steel doors are typically built with an inner steel frame and high-density foam insulation, so you know they are durable and will last for decades. Custom steel doors aren’t limited to classic stainless steel, too. With a wide range of other finishes and materials available, you can create a steel door that fits the theme of your home and your personal style.
  • Fiberglass is among the most expensive options, but it is also a great choice because it is resistant to wear and tear, can be painted or stained, is available in a variety of textures, and requires little maintenance. Indeed, fiberglass is a commonly used material for making windows, patio doors, and exterior wall partitions because of its strength and durability. One downside to fiberglass is that there are many flimsy-made ones that can crack under impact, which is why choosing the best front door installers is very important.
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Which Door Is The Most Efficient?

Steel and fiberglass are generally better than wood at protecting against outdoor elements. Most heat loss happens around the door rather than inside of it, so, in terms of energy efficiency, choosing a good door frame is just as important as choosing a good door. The frame and weatherstripping should be able to stop any air from leaking by fitting the door snugly and sealing properly while at the same time allowing for smooth operation.

Wooden Door

Door Replacement.

When is it time to replace a door?

 Well, maybe it’s been a while since your home was last inspected, maybe you’ve noticed damage on your door, or maybe you just want to upgrade the look of your entryway.

In any case, you should contact Armour Contracting to schedule an appointment to have the door inspected or get an estimate for a new front door.

Of course, door replacement costs will vary depending on size and style, but remember that a quality door and a job well done will save you money and time in the long run.

You can tell your front door needs replacing if you encounter these signs:

  1. Too Much Air and Light Leakage. Uncomfortable cold or hot drafts coming from your front door may indicate a gap around the framing. This is more common in older homes, but a door with either a damaged frame or a flimsy-made one will create the same problem.

You might be able to fix the problem by simply updating your weatherstripping, but we recommend that you have it checked by a reliable windows and doors company because a new door might be a better option.

  1. There’s Visible Damage. It’s reasonable to expect front doors to accumulate wear and tear over time. Front door replacement may be necessary if you see any dents, rusting, splitting and peeling, and noisy hinges. Naturally, your doors will also become difficult to operate once it’s accumulated enough wear and tear on the frame or the door jamb, so this is another sign that you’ll need to have it replaced.  
  2. It’s Just… Ugly. Yes, getting new doors for no reason other than your old ones have become an eyesore is fine. An unattractive and weathered front door doesn’t just look unappealing, they’re also off-putting to guests or even potential homebuyers. Your front door, after all, is a part of your home’s facade. It’s part of the way you convey your personality and the way you want people to view your home. If you feel like you’ve been dealing with your front door for too long, then that’s good enough reason to have it replaced. 
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We are confident in our abilities to meet and exceed your expectations. When it comes to providing the quality of service and product that you are looking for, we want to be your choice for your commercial and residential doors. From our consultation experts to our construction crews, Armour Contracting aims to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship in conjunction with the highest quality of customer care. We do not believe a job is complete until you are satisfied with our work, and we are not satisfied unless you are blown away by the results we provide. If you would like to start a new project, give us a phone call today to set up an appointment!

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