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Fences serve many purposes when installed on a property. It adds a definite security layer, but can also give you some added privacy from roadways, or neighbors. Some fences are put in place to serve as a decorative touch to the landscape. At Armour Contracting, we offer the fencing and installation you need for any type and size property.

Get the Fencing You Need from Expert, Customized Fence Builders.

Why Quality Fence Installation is Critical

You can pick any fencing material on the market, and it will only perform as designed if an experienced fence contractor properly installs it. At Armour Contracting, we treat every job as if it’s being installed at our own home or business. Every measurement is done with precision to give you the best results. The products we use offer years of durable wear.


Choosing the Right Fence Contractor Means Everything on Looks and Lasting Power

It’s not difficult to pick out fencing jobs that are done by less-than-professional contractors. You want one that looks uniform, straight, and adds beauty to your property. Expert fence installation should be done by contractors with verifiable experience in all types of residential and commercial fencing products and install methods. Armour Contracting has the equipment, knowledge, and materials available to give you the exact fencing you need.

Chain Link Fence.

Chain link is a popular type of fencing for both residential and business use. It helps define property boundaries, but you can still see through the materials. It’s perfect for enclosing yards to contain small children and pets from getting into roadways. Businesses frequently use this type of fencing to designate areas cordoned off for parking, or limiting access between companies. Privacy slats can also be added to make it into an affordable privacy fence option. All you have to do is to weave the material through the chain mesh, and you can have total privacy for your contained area.

Armour Contracting installs chain link fencing for residential and commercial use

Decorative and Wrought Iron Fence.

The use of wrought iron for fencing is on a steady rise due to the decorative nature of the looks with the finished installation. Many property owners are looking for ways to get a more customized look, and wrought iron fencing can deliver. The sleek look of wrought iron stands out nicely with many types of architecture and is easy to care for, which means your maintenance needs are small. You can choose to concentrate wrought iron design for gates or continue with the fencing material around the entire property. Create a lovely gated walkway that leads to the front door of your home or office. It delivers style along with robust security for your home or business.

Wood Fence and Privacy Fence.

Wood fences provide a ton of privacy without trying too hard. The boards can be stained or painted to match your home or business and give you the aesthetics you desire. Most residential areas are zoned to have privacy fencing that reaches six feet in height. It’s more than enough to allow you comfortable privacy as you move about your yard. Privacy fencing is also a necessity for some businesses as a way to shield vehicles and equipment from open view. It adds to your security and reduces the risk of vandalism and theft of your personal and business property.

Sloped backyard surrounded by wooden fence.

PVC Fence and Vinyl Fence.

Plastic materials for fencing have been around for decades, but the technology used to create PVC and Vinyl fence has never been better. It’s more resilient to all weather conditions and temperature variances than ever before. Many are also designed to ward off and protect from the damage of ultraviolet light from the sun. Many farms and ranches use PVC and vinyl fencing to get the extraordinary good looks of wood fencing in a more durable form. Care and maintenance are as comfortable as washing with a garden hose periodically, and it looks as good as new.

Aluminum Fence and Farm Fence.

Light-weight aluminum fencing is needed for industries and operations that need to stay mobile or make changes to contained areas frequently. An aluminum construction fence is easy to set in place and just as easy to relocate when your fencing needs change. Aluminum is the perfect material choice for sectioning off areas within a larger property. It simplifies the physical separation of industrial complexes with multiple departments and buildings. You can rest assured that traffic is kept out of more sensitive or dangerous areas. Make life easier for your security team by adding barriers that are affordable and look great.

Section of Farm Fence and Pasture

How to Choose the Right Type of Fencing.

A few factors come into play when deciding on which type of fence to choose for your property. Some of these are:

Each type of fencing material comes at a different price, and having to fence a large area can become expensive if you choose one material over another. Try and determine how much fencing you need.

The larger your fencing budget is, the less restrictive your choices in materials will be. Chain link tends to be one of the more affordable options for large properties.

Simple property barriers can be done affordably with chain link or vinyl fencing. Privacy requirements will need to have additional slats placed within chain link, or you can go with a standard wood fence.

Putting in a new fence also requires getting one that you like. You don’t want to pull up to your home or business and see the fence as a personal eye-sore. Get the one you love and make it worth the money you spend.

Every investment you make to improve your property should count. Get the most out of your dollars by hiring an expert contractor that does the job right the first time. Armour Contracting goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best fence at the most affordable price for your budget.

Contact Armour Contracting today and get the expertise of fence builders with years of experience on your side. We are licensed, insured, and ready to install the fence you need right away.

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