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A very important part of the exterior of your home is the gutters. Armour Contracting handles both residential and commercial gutter replacement. So no matter what your gutter needs are, know that we can handle it. New gutters are an awesome addition to a new roof, so make sure you ask about our gutter specials while we are handling your roof project as well.

Your gutters and downspouts play an important role in the overall health of your roof and bring added benefits by diverting water to more optimal locations. Whether you are using it as a secondary watering source or simply keeping water away from the foundation of your home, choosing to add a gutters and downspouts to your roof can bring you these benefits. Armour Contracting provides you with a complete service that addresses and maintains your gutters and downspouts, ensuring you are able to keep enjoying the benefits they bring for many years to come.

Gutters help water safely detour away from your home so you do not incur water damage or unnecessary wear and tear on your home. We offer gutter repair and replacement at Armour Contracting. We only use the highest quality material and can handle any gutter project type and size.

Gutter Installation.

Choosing to install this system to your home can come from a variety of reasons, whether you are looking to protect foundation, provide irrigation, or otherwise. When contacting Armour Contracting for your gutter and downspout installation, you can be sure that we will be installing the highest quality product to your home through experienced and professional means. Armour Contracting doesn’t believe in cutting corners, and our installations are meant to last you for years. When putting your trust into our company for your roofing needs, we take every measure to ensure that trust is fulfilled.

Gutter Inspection.

When your gutters or downspouts just don’t seem to be working to their full potential, it may be time to have the area inspected to ensure that they are working to their total capability. Whether facing gaps in the connected areas, or damage to the downspout or otherwise, having these issues addressed will once again raise their ability. If you feel that your gutters and downspouts may be working less than they should, contact Armour Contracting for a professional inspection. We provide an end to end, experienced inspection that ensures that even the smallest issues are brought to your attention and repaired.

If you feel that your gutters and downspouts may be working less than they should, contact Armour Contracting for a professional inspection

Gutter Repairs.

Whether found through inspection or damages that you are already aware of, you can rely on Armour Contracting to bring you the highest quality service in terms of repairs. We provide you with a seamless repair that will ensure the total length of your gutter and downspout system is working as it should. Whether using the current gutters or replacing them with new pieces, we give you an experienced service that ensures a procedural method that will be the most effective for your repairs. We ensure that we always attempt to bring you the most cost effective means of every repair we provide.

Gutter Replacement.

When damages sustained to your gutters and downspouts are too much to simply be reshaped away, you may want to consider a full replacement of either part or your whole system. Armour Contracting also brings you the professional service you need for these occasions with high quality products put in place by experienced professionals. We effectively rid your home of the former system in place and replace it with a fully functional and new system in its stead. No matter the service you require for this system, you can rely on Armour Contracting

Gutter Guards.

Armour Contracting offers some of the best gutter systems in Georgia. Armour Contracting provides residential and commercial gutter guard installation. With rain and thunderstorms accompanying the hot summer months, it is important to understand just how gutter guards work.

Residential gutter guards are designed to collect water that builds up on the roof and leads the water away from the house. Our gutter guards are essential! Lack of gutter guards or non-functioning gutter guards will cause damage to your home. The damage caused by lack of Gutter Guards can vary from flooding and rotting, causing your home foundation to shift. If your residential gutter guard isn’t working, it is likely that the water build up will overflow your gutter, leaving your home susceptible to significant water damage.

Water damage is not the only concern from lack of gutter guards, especially in Georgia where there are so many mosquitoes. A damaged gutter guard will harbor various insect manifestations, especially mosquito breeding. As your gutter guard erodes, the gutter elements themselves become acidic. This is what allows mosquitoes to breed. To avoid this, it is important to maintain a functional gutter system, and to protect your gutter guard.

Armour Contracting offers top of the line Gutter Guard systems.Armour contracting has a wide variety of brand new technology that prevents rain clogging in the gutters without lots of manual labor after installation. Armour Contracting only installs the highest quality gutter guards in Georgia. Our contractors make it a priority to only use the latest and most proven technology.

There are six types of gutter guards. The reverse curve, the bottle brush, the mesh, the nylon, the non-gutter cover, and the foam gutter guard. The reverse curve is useful in the fall when there are excessive leaves, as water is directed downwards causing leaves to not get stuck in the gutter. The mesh gutter guards are filled with holes and attach to the room. Large holes clog much easier, thus small holes are better for your gutter guard. The small hole gutter guards allow water to fall through into the gutter. The bottle brush gutter guards are bristle based and are used to prevent birds landing near your roof.

With recent snow and ice occurrences in Georgia, the Nylon gutter guard can also be useful. Though mostly useful in the north where winters are severe, they can still be beneficial in the Georgia. The non-cover covers are thin louvers actually, not even really gutters that divert rain from the roof. The foam gutter guard is a plastic based guard that helps prevent dirt and debris from falling from the roof. Depending on what kind of residential or commercial building you live in, this guide will lead you to the perfect gutter guard.

Gutter Guards need occasional cleaning for full functionality. While gutter guards have been proven to lessen the amount of gutter cleanings due to increased debris removal, it is not as if you will never have to clean out your gutters. At Armour Contracting, we make it easy to stay up to date on your gutter maintenance by offering gutter cleaning. Armour Contracting will make sure to offer you a variety of gutter guard options that fit into your budget. We will then install it correctly so that the cleaning is low maintenance.

We handle both residential and commercial gutter replacement.

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