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Who We are.

Are you unhappy with your current home layout? Have you been inspired by all of the home improvement shows to finally do something with your home? Are you ready to actually make the changes to remodel your current home into the home of your dreams? Armour Contracting is excited to serve you as your remodeling contractor! We want to hear your ideas and see your Pinterest boards. Our experts can walk with you every step of planning and designing your new dream space. We can provide valuable input from our years in the field to help smooth out the transition. Once you feel comfortable with the plans, we can begin the remodel.

Residential Renovations.

There are a lot of moving pieces in residential renovations. Even though any person is capable of doing a remodel, there are situations in which it is better to seek out a remodeling contractor. Depending on the project, you could run into electrical, plumbing, or structural issues. Unless you are a seasoned expert in these fields, we do not advise you to “figure it out.” All of these systems could be potentially life-threatening if handled incorrectly. An experienced professional would be able to properly handle these issues. But, when would you know if you needed a professional? You could wait until an emergency came about, but nothing is worth endangering the lives of your family. As your remodeling contractor, Armour Contracting is here to bring any job to completion. We will take care of any and all issues that come up during the remodel so that you can enjoy watching your dreams become a reality.

We can help with all residential renovations. There are several things that could be done to add tremendous value to your life and home. From complete home remodeling to minor changes to one room, we are equipped to handle any job. One of them is with a bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel can address many different concerns, as long as it adds value to your life and your home. Are you growing weary of sharing one bathroom with your family and guests? We can assist in adding a new bathroom or master bathroom. Maybe you have enough bathrooms, but there isn’t great space in it? Armour Contracting could help remodel your bathroom to create a space that works better for your family. Maybe you have recently become unable to physically get into a bathtub? We can replace your old tub with a new walk-in shower. If the square footage is available, it may make sense to add a walk-in closet to your bathroom. There are several different options to choose from when deciding on how to renovate a bathroom, and we can handle all of them.

Kitchen Remodel

Another popular remodel that adds great value is a changing the kitchen or living area. Many older homes were built with small horseshoe-shaped kitchens that are closed off from the rest of the home. We could open up either an entire wall or at least a line of sight into the other living or dining areas. This has added a lot of value within the families who have had this renovation. Plus, it increases the value and sales appeal of the home. Another kitchen remodel would be to update the kitchen cabinets, countertops, or flooring. Everything ages and some things age better than others. Original hardwood floors have aged well. Lime green linoleum floors have not aged well. If you are planning on selling your house, the return on investment for these cosmetic updates is too great to pass it on to the buyer to do. Even if you are planning on keeping your house in your family forever, we want you to be happy in your forever home. If a small or large scale residential renovation is going to provide that happiness, we want to play a part in your home remodeling.

Finishing Basements

Do you have a two-story home, but only use the first floor because the basement isn’t finished? In our experience, basements do not have to remain the dingy, musty-smelling things of the past. We can finish or remodel the basement so that it is a valuable part of your living space. It may be possible to add additional bedrooms or bathrooms to this currently unused area. Perhaps adding an entertainment room or kids playroom makes more sense? Would you like a home office or home gym? How about an expanded laundry room or more storage closets? As your expert remodeling contractors, we can walk the area with you and discuss exactly what your options are for the space that you have.

A remodeled basement with a freshly vacuumed floor

Deck & Porch Remodel

Residential renovations don’t always occur indoors. Some of the best time we can spend at our home is actually outside. We can build custom decks or sunrooms as additions to your living space. Already have one, but it needs some help? We can remodel any of your outdoor structures to better suit your family’s lifestyle. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting on a back deck or in a custom sunroom watching the fireflies emerge at dusk? With our team of experts, we can provide the indoor/outdoor lifestyle conversion that you have been missing with your current home.

An outside deck with matching wood paneling for the floor and fencing; a patio set with a table and four chairs

Let us earn your business.

Our motto is Everything Built Better. We can handle any size and scale of remodel, and we can do it better. Armour Contracting strives to earn your trust with your residential renovations. If you are entrusting your remodeling dream to us, then we want to provide a finished product that is above and beyond your expectations. If you are ready to begin a remodel, give us a phone call today to set up an appointment!

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