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Who We are.

The foundation of our entire business philosophy at Armour Contracting is Everything Built Better, and that includes your residential or commercial building’s exterior siding. Your home’s siding is very important to the defense of your home. It is vital to have a high quality, protective covering on the outside of your house. A new roof can go a long way in providing the lasting protection and comfort that you need, but it can only go so far. This is where the importance of having an effective, quality siding option comes into play. The siding materials on your home need to be able to expand in the hot, humid summers and contract in the wet, cold winters. All without becoming warped, disjointed, or dislodged from its securely fastened position. We take the responsibility of protecting your home seriously by providing consultation every step of the way. We will be there to aid and assist throughout the planning phases of new home design and build. We aim for over the top results, even if when it is only a siding installation project. Our services aren’t limited to new builds. We provide siding replacement and repair for any damage until it is a job well done.

You might be looking for a unique flair to reflect your own sense of creativity? Maybe you are searching for more curb appeal? There are several different options for materials that we can install. 

Vinyl Siding.

Newer vinyl siding is one of the more popular options for its increased durability, price point, and endless color and style options. We say newer because older versions would frequently crack, chip, fade, warp, or even buckle over time. Chances are if your home currently has the older vinyl siding, you know this first hand. If so, give us a call to provide your needed siding replacement. This is why great strides have been made in the manufacturing and quality control processes to provide a more cost-effective, stable product that will last for years to come.

Yellow vinyl siding on a home with a paneled window.

Insulated Siding.

If you are looking for a more recent advancement from vinyl, then insulated siding is an option for you. Insulated siding is an option for those who are looking for an energy-efficient siding material that provides that aesthetic appeal of a classic wood siding without all of the maintenance hassles. This is because the siding is attached with an expandable foam that helps to bring additional insulation. By doing so, it drastically lowers the energy consumption required to heat and cool the home. But what about all of the humidity, doesn’t it affect the connecting foam and siding material? According to the manufacturing design teams, the material is actually breathable which allows the moisture to escape! In addition to helping to create a longer, more stable external protection, this helps in providing better indoor air quality as well by fending off mold, mildew, and rot.


Composite Siding.

Similarly, composite siding offers a variety of materials within this one umbrella that are made to imitate other siding options that may not otherwise be conducive to the regional climate. From asbestos to aluminum, and fiberboard to clapboard, the value and the quality of the materials can vary wildly depending upon the manufacturer for your siding installation. The good news is that Armour Contracting is your pro source for finding and providing the highest quality of materials to get the job done right. This even includes siding replacement for a job that wasn’t done correctly by any of the other guys. The aluminum composite siding shouldn’t be confused with any of the metal siding options that are available.

Metal Siding.

Metal siding consists of sheets of galvanized steel or aluminum with a colored vinyl finish that is completely customizable. These can be found on a lot of storage buildings, shops, barns, and in the pole barn style houses. The material is lightweight and durable, leading it to being a top choice for a siding option. We aren’t just capable of helping to provide the building needs of your primary residence, but we could also outfit any of the structures on your residential or commercial properties.

Metal siding in an industrial building

Wood Siding.

If you’re looking for something with a little more sense of history and a little less mass production, then a wood siding might be an option for you. Wood sidings offer a variety of styles and can be used on any number of different types of structures. When you think of wood siding, do the wood shingles of a New England home come to mind? There is a chance that you might have thought of something similar to an English farmhouse. Those horizontal rows are known as clapboards or sometimes called weatherboards which are really thin on the upper edge and thicker on the lower edge. Maybe you thought of the farmhouse style, revitalized in pop culture by Chip and Joanna Gaines, known as shiplap. This is actually a style of wood siding, and yes, Armour Contracting can build it like a fixer-upper! Another, simpler style of the wood siding is to install wooden sheets, rather than individual boards or shingles. Regardless of what style you are searching for, we have the expertise to provide an exterior that you could be proud to call your own.

Wood siding on a home

Trust Armour.

We are confident in our abilities to meet and exceed your expectations. When it comes to providing the quality of service and product that you are looking for, we want to be your choice for your commercial and residential siding installation. From our consultation experts to our construction crews, Armour Contracting aims to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship in conjunction with the highest quality of customer care. We do not believe a job is complete until you are satisfied with our work, and we are not satisfied unless you are blown away by the results we provide. If you would like to start a new project, give us a phone call today to set up an appointment!

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